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The Race The Islands Challenge

What is it?

A virtual fitness challenge to log 899 miles in 2019 - the same number of miles needed to travel the circumference of each of the main Hawaiian Islands!  This is a great way to stay active with your friends throughout 2019, while adding a little competition as you work toward your goal!  Cover your miles by swimming, biking, running, elliptical...basically anything you can track on Strava counts, so you get to choose!  For the "super advanced" version, you can even cover the mileage it would take you to get back home to San Jose, CA - an extra 2,356 miles!

What do you get as part of the challenge?

You will be added to a closed group Facebook page to share progress posts and pictures, plan meet-ups for exercise, and encourage one another.  Also, we'll log workouts via a closed Strava group so annual and weekly progress totals will be updated for the group!

Each month, Team Kona Badger will update the top 3 racers in the closed Facebook group.  Additionally, Top 3 rankings will be posted once there are finishers to track.  For those who exceed the 899 miles to circle the Islands, can start on your progress back to the mainland, Top 3 rankings will be posted to track the miles back to San Jose, as well.

At the end of the year, the organizer will create personalized finisher certificates for each participant.  They will include the total mileage and any applicable Top 3 ranking for total mileage.

All participants and teams will be invited to attend a no-host luncheon (or similar event) in January 2020 (back in the Bay Area) to celebrate the year's accomplishments!

The full amount of the $20 fee to join will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

What about challenge tech shirts??

What's a race without a shirt to prove you did it (you know...aside from all that Strava data)?  We're currently designing an awesome challenge tech shirt that you'll be able to able to order!  Shirt designs and pricing will be announced in January in the group Facebook page!  

Stay tuned...they're gonna be awesome!

Maps and Pacing Schedules

There will be mileage maps that are accessible in the group Strava page to help with visualizing your location along the way.  We'll update a group map with pins to post to the group Facebook page once a month.  Also, we'll provide a pacing guide to give you an idea of how many miles you'll need to cover per month to complete the challenge by the end of 2019. 


  • What devices can be used with Strava?  - Strava works with a number of devices - Apple Watch, Garmin, Sunto, and FitBit are just a few.  You can also upload activities manually.  You can visit Strava's device and activity upload info page here.
  • Does this work with Peloton? - Yep.  Peloton workouts have integration with Strava, so you're good to go!
  • Are there refunds? -No.

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